Music To Work By

It is another late night for that rascal Jack. You know, the pretentious guy who talks about himself in the third person. Anyhoo, this my friends is a list of some of what I have been playing/listening to.

Have a Little Faith– Joe Cocker
Lonely Is The Night– Billy Squire
This Time– John Legend
Come Talk To Me– Peter Gabriel
Sweet Child O’Mine– Guns N’ Roses
Without You Here– Goo Goo Dolls
In The Ghetto– Elvis Presley
The Man’s Too Strong– Dire Straits
Slip Away– Clarence Carter
Carolina On My Mind-James Taylor
Institutionalized– Suicidal Tendencies
Bulls On Parade– Rage Against The Machine
El Dorado– Iron Maiden
The Trooper– Iron Maiden
Breaking The Law-Judas Priest
Shaking The Tree– Peter Gabriel
Marry Me– Train

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