The Comments That Didn’t Come

John Steinbeck on Story telling...

We are almost a month into the life of the new blog and I keep noticing little things. It appears that all of my posts were imported from Blogger but there are issues with some of them. Strange characters and formatting problems keep materializing. I do what I can to clean those us as fast as I can. It is a bit irritating, but some of that is to be expected.

But the comments irritate me more. So many of them didn’t make the trip over from there to here. For what reasons I do not know, they didn’t make the journey alongside of the posts they were married to. In some cases it doesn’t matter and in others it bothers me. Bothers me because the comments were really the highlight of the post. Bothers me because the comments were what made that post special. Bothers me because even though I blog first for myself I still like seeing people respond to the words that I post on a page here.

Gradually the empty places here will be filled and the orphans, those posts with no comments will gain family and friends. The trick is to be patient and that is something that isn’t always so easy for me.

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