Sunday Afternoon Reading

Stuff you should read and comment upon:

My latest post at Odd Dad Out is called The Golden Age of Blogging. Over at Fatherfolk my two most recent post are called Blogging and I Can’t Stop Laughing. My friend The Rebbetzin’s Husband was not thwarted by technical issues and has constructed a very fine edition of Haveil Havalim.

Back home I submitted my first entry to The Red Dress Club called And Then The World Shifted. The Hollywood Housewife included one of my posts in her Friday Links roundup. And as usual I am banging out posts with ridiculous frequency, don’t worry if you find that you can’t keep up or have been left behind as I am about to provide you with more links:

If that is not enough for you than you might want to take a look at:
The Tex Files: The Episode Where Mulder and Scully Have Words With The Ever Elusive Weatherman
That’s My Brand
“Poop, Poop, Poop!”
4-star general, 5-star grace
Valentine Poems to Avoid Sending Your Pregnant Wife

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