The Stories I Don’t Tell

Sometimes the best stories I have are the ones that I don’ t tell here on the blog. There are elements of fact and Fragments of fiction scattered in pieces random and specific throughout the posts you read. There are moments where I open my heart and expose the softer side intertwined with songs of silliness. There is a rhyme and a reason that only a few are exposed to and that is by design and purpose. Moments of utter joy are scattered throughout my words. Some who have been given the key recognize those moments just as they see moments of doubt and pain.

There is an ongoing search for answers to questions that both soft and silly as well as those that are serious. A yin and a yang surround these words

Sometimes I read that which I have written and cringe. The reasons why vary but most of the time it is because I find that the words rankle my soul. They scrape and grind against soft places that haven’t been made hard yet. They shock and or embarrass me and that is saying something for I don’t embarrass easily.

But there are stories about my life and the people I love that would make very fine additions to those that have already been shared. There are moments in time that are meaningful, significant and sacred. Sometimes it is ok to share the sacred so that we can connect with others who we wish to understand us more completely. But sacred is not for everyone. It is special and that is part and parcel of why it is sacred.

Shift a few letters and sacred is converted to scared and that is part of why I don’t share some stories. I fear to reveal them because the consequences would not be mine to bear alone. They are tales that demand to be told- these stories must be heard but only by certain people and within the proper context.

Sometimes the stories I don’t tell are the best that I have.

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