The 25 Best Movie Sound Tracks

Death Watermelon

Time Magazine has a list of what one columnist consider to be the 25 Best Movie Soundtracks. A link to the full list can be found here. Some thoughts about the list:

I can’t stand the Sound of Music. The hills would be better if they were quiet.

Grease– Part of my childhood so I have to give it a thumbs up. Hand Jive baby.
Mary Poppins– Same story.
Saturday Night Fever– I remember when this came out.
Easy Rider– Watched this before a couple of cross country road trips.
Sixteen Candles– John Hughes will be missed.
Singles– I had my own apartment and was enjoying the bachelor life when this came out.

So maybe this really isn’t focused on what should or should not be on the list- but it is my blog and I will write if I want to. 😉

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