The Tales We Tell

The tales we tell in life are part and parcel of who we be they fact or fiction. It is part of why I love blogging. I have a thousand stories swirling through my mind and a need to express them in a more concrete fashion than the mental movie set I see inside my head. I feel a change coming and I am excited about it. The air is electric with possibilities and potential. If you could read my mind you’d hear a mighty clinking and a clanking rattling around. There is a symphony of sight and sound playing in the background and music that I can’t contain.

Simply put I am in a place where I have to write. It is not a question. It is not a thought or an idea but a need. So I am going to answer the call and work on putting together more fragments and see if I can’t find a way to thread them together in a way that works to tell the story I see. The rub is that I don’t really know where the story is going. I have my thoughts and ideas but this could change. It is part of why I love this and why I am excited. This keyboard, this computer and these words are about to set off on a grand journey to parts and places unknown.

The adventure is about to begin. In the interim here are some of the parts and pieces that I think might be incorporated into this, or maybe not. If you want to find out you’ll just have to keep checking in because you never know where things might go:

All We Had Were Words

I Will Never Fall In Love Again

He Put A Gun To My Head


Johnny Was A Hero

A Beginning

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  1. Crayon Wrangler January 6, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    I’m totally hooked on you. I just have to remember to look for the Fiction disclaimer as I’ve gotten caught up with you in the past!

  2. Abby March 1, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    For what it’s worth, I would read just about anything you wrote and shared. Bits and pieces, parts and parcels–looking forward to it.

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