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When You Can't Debate, delete

Your old friend Jack has wild streak in him that some people refer to as a mean streak. Others simply describe him as a pretentious bastard who sometimes talks about himself in the third person. All of that, some of that or none of that might be true.The same could be applied for the woman who is upset that I challenged her list of ten reasons not to sircumsize our sons. I know that I have spelled in incorrectly, but that is intentional. Anyhoo, the picture above shows you a snippet of my stats.

That lovely snippet shows the owner of a blog marking my comment as spam. This is known as the “when you can’t debate, delete” method of handling a disagreement. During their 15 minute visit to my little corner of cyberspace they read through a number of posts but did not leave any comments for me not to mark as spam. Ok, I know that I am being slightly obnoxious here but the topic is one that can get a little bit heated and frankly I am tired of listening to mothers tell me what I felt when my penis was modified.

I don’t have any memories of being cut, clipped or snipped. I am not angry about it. I have never felt like anything bad happened to me or been concerned about a lack of function. It reminds me of a discussion once in which someone told me that I didn’t know what real sexual pleasure was and I just laughed and offered a very crude response. I am good at crude but I am good at toeing the non-crude line too. I have to admit that in discussions such as this it is far more fun to be crude. Perhaps it is juvenile but let me tell you ladies that having a foreskin doesn’t make your teeth feel any better.

I may not have mine but I just don’t believe that getting caught on a tooth or teeth is  better because you happen to be wearing a flesh helmet. And if you know what you are doing it feels mighty fine without one too.

But let’s step back from talking about sucking, spelunking and any other obnoxious euphemism and allow me to be serious.

I responded to each of the ten reasons that had been given and pointed out the logical fallacies and specious conclusions. I tried to be pleasant and adult like about it. I said their arguments were weak but did not attack them as a person. I suggested that if you are going to provide allegations you ought to support them with facts and not superstition or what you think. Apparently that wasn’t appreciated and now my comments were marked as spam. Such is the way of the world in the blogosphere.

And if the blogger should end up here again I’ll reiterate that it wasn’t personal and that if you post such things you need to be prepared for disagreements. If you can’t handle that sort of thing than don’t blog about it or make it private. And now I must cut this post short.

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  1. Shell March 9, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    You post something controversial, you need to accept that people aren’t going to agree. It’s horrible to just delete if someone doesn’t agree.

    Attacking comments= delete. Debating= stay.

  2. Vince March 9, 2011 at 11:35 am

    Wow, I wasn’t aware that it’s possible to track bloggers marking your comments as spam. In any case, I agree with you 100%. Well said.

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