Parental Responsibilities & Obligations

Charles Barkley was right when he said that parents should be role models. I like Chuck and it is not because he dunked on Godzilla, but because some people need to be reminded that parents have responsibilities and obligations to our children. It is our job to teach our kids how to become productive members of society. My kids know that even if I was a billionaire I would still expect them to go to school and get a job. They need the education that comes from both sides of the fence. They need to understand the importance of a good education and what it means to get their hands dirty.

That is literal, the dirty part I mean. I want them to understand the difference between actual labor and sitting behind a desk. But in regard to this post that is neither here nor there. The real point is that I am struggling with something today.

The fine people at Klout have provided me with a perk– unlimited access to the Pac-10 Tournament. It is very cool. I have great seats to go watch the tournament. Later today I am going to grab my son and head out to go watch a game or two. So you may be wondering why I am struggling with this at all. Free tickets, great seats, father/son time- sounds perfect. Well, I have to pull him early from soccer practice and that bothers me a bit.

It bothers me because I stress the importance of being a team player and how that means that you show up for practice every time. It feels a bit hypocritical to talk about being a team player and then pull him early. I suppose that it would be different if there something that happened on a regular basis, but…

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  1. Cathy March 10, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    I’m a huge “team” supporter – if they signed up, they have an obligation. But, everyone should be able to enjoy a special something. Missing a little practice is worth the extra father-son time for a special event. Life is not black and white.

    • Jack March 11, 2011 at 12:27 am

      Ultimately the father/son bonding time is what pushed me over the edge, that and the seats. They were simply outstanding. Since this isn’t going to be a regular occurrence I ended up feeling ok about it. Not to mention that the joy in his eyes and demeanor made it all worthwhile.

  2. Talkative Taurus March 10, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    I can understand your reluctance. But at least it’s only practice (though yes, I know … you have to be there to practice with teammates, too), and it’s not something that comes along every day. It’s an opportunity. Just make sure you explain to him that this is a special exception. See this is why I have furry children instead of real ones! I can teach life lessons to nieces and nephews as I choose.

  3. Michael March 10, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Another part of being a parent is showing kids there are once in a lifetime opportunities that come along.

    This would be one of them, free tickets to good seats to a major sporting event PLAYOFF EDITION!

    It would also be a great way to promo what your son can do if he keeps practicing and going to school. The kids on the court I imagine have to be both scholars and good at what they do sportwise (i.e. Basketball) in order to even be out there.

    I would call this a great parenting possibility that should be scooped up and taken advantage of for your son’s benefit…oh right…and yours!

    • Jack March 11, 2011 at 12:24 am

      The seats were…amazing. We were essentially on the floor and able to hear the coaches and players talking. As you suggested I made a point of talking to him about the benefits of practicing hard. I am really happy that we went.

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