The Write Words Not Written

Sometimes the write words aren’t written here. Sometimes I hear the words whispering inside my head and they flow from my fingertips to wind up on the page where they tell the stories of the things I have seen and the feelings I have felt. And then there are moments such as today where I can’t find the write words. I am not blocked nor prevented from writing.  I call upon the words and they answer but I am not pleased with their performance. Instead of telling the tale in a smooth fashion that is easy to relate to they speak in a stutter.

It is a struggle to understand the story and the feelings that I wish to convey aren’t clear. Such is the way of the words and the life that they lead. The only way I know to correct the infernal clickety clack and clanging is to keep writing. It is not any different than a bad day at work or school. You can’t wave a wand and make magic mist to hide from the world. You can’t do anything but walk the road that you have been running upon. Sooner or later the sites will change or a fork will come. Either way you will find yourself clear of the doldrums and in greener pastures.

These are not said nor written facetiously but because hard earned experience has proven them to be true. Such is the word, such is the path. Write what you will and go where you can.

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  1. Andrea March 16, 2011 at 10:33 am

    So well said. Yesterday I didn’t post, Monday I posted something I wrote on Sunday. I just had nothing. Then this morning, I totally did. It so varies. You write when you grab the ring and let it all hang out! Thanks for sharing. It’s an important reminder that it will pass.

  2. Abby March 15, 2011 at 3:42 am

    So true, and what I’m currently going through. I hate that I have such streaks of phonetic freedom and flow and then bam, nothing. When I do get a streak, I’m usually stuck at work and so creatively constipated. However, all in good time, I suppose. Great post.

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