Purim 2011

It is late Friday afternoon or maybe it is more accurate to call it early evening. I have a few minutes of quiet to write down some quick thoughts. One of my favorite Jewish holidays is here. It is called Purim and it is loads o’fun. Really, that is  not sarcasm I love this particular holiday. That is probably part of the reason why there are so many links below from prior posts about it.

I realize that many of you aren’t familiar with the holiday so let me give you a quick summary of what happened with the traditional description. I have translated it from biblical Hebrew into English so that it is easier to follow.

They tried to kill us

We survived

They Lost

Let’s Eat.

As part of the modern festivities the kids dress up in costume. So today the dark haired beauty went as Queen Esther. Her older brother chose not to go as one of the holiday characters and instead chose to be a soccer player. That was fine with me and they were more than happy about it. They had a party at school and from what I understand a very nice time.

Tomorrow night we’ll head off to shul to hear the megillah reading and then on Sunday there will be a carnival. Should be fun.

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  1. subWOW April 1, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    I love this. The celebration of eating. The privilege of being alive and being able to eat. Reminds me of being Chinese… 🙂

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