Clubbing In The Blogger Era

My mother likes to tell people about a lovely phase I went through where I would introduce myself to other children in the following manner: “Hi, I am Jack.” Apparently I would follow that lovely greeting by punching whomever I had just introduced myself too.

I suppose that I could offend or endear myself to a lot of people by saying that I had already mastered the Bush doctrine by the grand old age of three. I’d like to say that I used to climb to the top of the monkey bars and dare the other children to pull me off of it, but that would be a lie.

But this a blog so let’s say that I did do that. We’ll call it the Cheney or Rumsfeld doctrine- your pick. Alternatively I could say that I told the kid who preceded me at the top that he must leave immediately and then when asked to confirm I said that I would have to confirm with my council of wise men before admitting to that. You can call that the Obama doctrine.

If you are still reading I am

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