What Does Your Blog Say About You?

What does your blog say about you is a question that I have been asking myself quite a bit lately. It is of interest to me because blogging is one of the ways that I express my thoughts, feelings and ideas about life. When I am confused or unsure it helps to provide clarification and makes it easier for me to determine what I want and the best course to obtain that.

This blog served as the tool that I used to remember who it is I really am and what I want. This is where I remembered that I am a writer and story teller. This blog is invaluable to me. This blog says many things about me some of which are good and some not so good.

I am ok with that because my goal is be authentic and to be real. If you read my posts you know a lot about me. You will find insight into me that my closest friends often don’t have- but you won’t know all or everything. You’ll know bits and pieces and that is ok with me too. This blog represents me on a personal and a professional level. It has led to work that pays real money and it has also been the reason that I didn’t get work. I am ok with both of those things.


During my trip to Seattle I thought a little bit about how to introduce myself and my blog. I thought about what posts I want people to read. If they don’t know me and wanted to get a sense of the blog- what would I show them was the question. I don’t have a specific, one-size-fits-all answer. Ideally I’d customize my answer to whomever was asking.

I am still not happy with how my “most popular” posts are displayed. I think that I can do a better job of it and I am working that out. This blog is evolving. It is not what it once was and that is ok too. I am changing as well. I am in a transitional stage and I expect that there will be some substantial changes made in the next year or two. Many of those will be chronicled here.

So I ask myself again about what the blog says about me and do I like it. More importantly I make a promise to myself to change that which I don’t like.  And I follow it up with a question that I’ll pose to whomever wishes to answer. If you were going to introduce someone to my blog and you had to recommend some specific posts to read what would they be?

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