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A reader once complained that I update too frequently. I suppose that an argument can be made that you never want to ignore your readers and their wishes, but I don’t operate like that. I don’t wear a coat because someone else is cold- yep I am a grouchy old man.

So what we have here are 13 posts including updates, recaps and information from my trip to Nintendo, my submission to the Red Dress Club and more. BTW, I don’t really wear a red dress- my shoulders are far too broad and no one makes a pump that fits my size 12 EEE foot.

  1. The Animal Inside
  2. The Time Space Continuum
  3. A Letter To A Girl Who Was
  4. Tools Of Ignorance
  5. Using Music To Write Blog Posts
  6. Words I Have Written
  7. A Force Of Nature
  8. I Hear Music
  9. What Does Your Blog Say About You
  10. The Broad Shoulders of Fatherhood
  11. 16: Moments- Our Lives Are Made Up of These
  12. Bourbon, Blogs And Business
  13. Homeward Bound
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