Post Passover Seder Songs

The scorecard reads 10,982 calories consumed, 10 Plagues recited, 1 Pharoah defeated and a ringing in my ears from children whose laughter and squealing alternated between delightful and %$#&)^(#%YT^ be quiet. So I am sitting here decompressing by listening to music and writing.

And my friends that is my introduction to the mix that my iTunes DJ put forth for me to listen to. As always this is a snapshot of some of what I am listening to.

Girl of the North Country– Joni Mitchell on the Johnny Cash Show
Old Alabama (feat. Alabama)– Brad Paisley
A Country Boy Can Survive– Hank Williams Jr.
Turn The Page– Bob Seger
Mr. Blue Sky– ELO
Eye In The Sky– Alan Parsons Project
The Voice– Celtic Woman
May It Be– Enya

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