The Easiest Way To Get Comments On Your Blog

Joining the Community

Joining the Community (Photo credit: Infomastern)

Friends that headline is certified linkbait but the information contained within this post is certified gold.  If you are concerned about comments and want to know how to guarantee that people will comment there is a surefire way to make it happen. Blog about blogging.

Yes, it is that simple. Blog about blogging. Write about how you develop ideas for posts or talk about how you build community and other bloggers will take time to comment and or share their thoughts with you.  Comments are currency and they have value but the question is how much.

In my mind the better question is what happens when you you get your friendly neighborhood blogger to pay a visit. It is nice to get a comment or two but what happens after that. Do they stick around or they surf their way on to their next stop. How long do they spend on your site and how do you retain them. I have lots of thoughts about that. I can provide you with lots of different ideas but this isn’t Jack The Social Media Guru speaking. Nope, this is Jack the grumpy old man who is commenting about comments and communtiy.

And as the resident grumpy old man my comment is that I look for community. That is what I want. That is what I hope to build here…community.

It is happening. Even as we “speak” readers are returning because they like reading the comments that YOU leave. They like seeing what YOU think about the content. Content creates community and community in turn creates content leading to comments.

Pretty nifty stuff.

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