The Day That Dad Bloggers Overthrew The Mommy Blogger Cartel

Bruce Lee Statue on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

Ladies it is time for the Marvel Comic loving dad bloggers to take down your weaker DC Comic loving mom blogging cartel. Today marks the day that The Fantastic Four and the X-Men torch the Justice League. The Avengers will take out the watchtower and all will be lost. Just give up and accept that we aren’t taking this kind of crap anymore.

Stop asking ridiculous questions about what dad bloggers want. It irks me to no end to read most of that post. Since we are short on time let me cut and paste from it:

What is the motivation for dad bloggers?  Do they want to be like mom bloggers?

Before these questions can be answered, of course, they have to be defined.  What is the “what moms have” that dads don’t have yet?  A few things:

1) readership / traffic
2) an established community
3) opportunities for revenue generation

I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt to whomever put this post together because it is lacking or maybe I am just really grumpy. I consistently fail to understand why people ask if dad bloggers want to be like mom bloggers. Maybe it is because I don’t understand the question.

Is this supposed to be about men and parenting. Are we talking about whether men like being fathers. Is this just one more version of the conversation so many of us have heard where moms talk about how cute it is to see dads parenting.  If that is the case let me disabuse of you the idea that there is anything novel about this. We’re dads. We parent. We cook, clean and care for our children just as you do.  And though you may carry and deliver the children that doesn’t provide any more knowledge or ability to parent than we have.

If we are talking about the business aspect of blogging than we have a different topic altogether and one that merits some discussion. This blog and the blogosphere are riddled with posts and comments from me about how bloggers make bad business decisions. It makes me crazy to see how many bloggers wreak havoc upon our collective ability to earn an income from blogging because they do things that devalue all of our efforts.

If we are talking about things that mommy bloggers have that dad bloggers don’t have than maybe that business end is worth talking about. Maybe we need to talk about hard numbers and explore the myth of women making the majority of household purchases. Maybe we need to pull that apart and talk about what purchases they are making and comment upon the SAHD and WAHD communities that are heavily involved in household purchases. Maybe we need to remember that most marriages are a partnership in which both spouses participate in big ticket purchases.

Maybe we need to talk about whether mom blogger/dad blogger refers to bloggers who focus primarily upon parenting type posts. There are an awful lot of “successful” bloggers who have been doing this for a long time that are parents but don’t focus upon it.

Or maybe what we need to do is focus upon working together. Maybe the better use of our time and efforts is for mom and dad bloggers to work together as parent bloggers because collectively we have more influence. That doesn’t mean that we have to change our blogs or what we write about. It is just a way to reorient the discussion so that we get more out of this than we are getting.

The brands and businesses that want to reach us have money for marketing. They have resources and we can help them spend their money more wisely. We can help them be more effective at reaching their target audience while simultaneously receiving better and more appropriate compensation. Or maybe that is just a dream.

Anyway, this work at home dad has to go feed his kids lunch or risk being beaned with matzah balls.

P.S. I am thrilled to see that we are going to have another Dad Blogger conference next year. That link doesn’t provide much yet but in time I am sure that it will. In the interim don’t forget to follow along on Twitter.

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