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I installed DISQUS today. If it does what I want it to it will be one more piece in building the community that is being formed here. It will help facilitate discussions and make for more interaction and engagement. Time will tell.

There are moments when I feel the rhythm of the words come over me and I feel an overwhelming urge to write. The rub is that I am not always in a position to respond to my muse so sometimes all I can do is listen to the sounds of posts percolating inside my head and hope that I remember them later on. Truth is that sometimes it makes me sad to say that I missed out on writing whatever those words would have built. It is not because I wish that the readers could have read and or seen it. Rather it is because my best work tends to come from passion.

And when I feel that desire I want to unhitch the horses and let them run free…..

Ok, enough of that reflective stuff, let’s take a look at what you might have missed:

and from the archives:

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