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Watching and Blogging

Watching and Blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just finished listening to a good interview with Danny Brown and found myself nodding my head. I don’t remember who turned me onto him but they were shocked when I didn’t know who he was.  I suspect that they rolled their eyes when I said that the question wasn’t whether I knew him but whether he knew me. It was tongue in cheek but there was a degree of sincerity there. Allow me to clarify.

I have been impressed with Danny and think that he is a sharp guy who seems to be very knowledgeable and quite capable. I have been a regular visitor to his blog for a while now and I expect that I will continue to be. I go there for the same reason that I visit other blogs- because I learn and or relate to the content they share. But I am not impressed by popularity. I don’t care if you have a million readers, a million dollars and or a million comments. Those things don’t help me pay the bills, teach my kids or save the world. Doesn’t mean that they aren’t valuable and or good people.

Nor am I impressed by people talking about A-List bloggers. To me that is a throw away terms that doesn’t have much meaning but I don’t wan’t to go off on a tangent here so we’ll save that for a different day.

What I love about blogging is that it provides access to people that I wouldn’t otherwise encounter. One of the things that I like and appreciate about Danny is that he responds to comments. He engages and interacts. It is one of the things that I like about Chris Brogan too. These are people who have very large readerships/following but they understand that blogging and social media are about engaging with others.

Blogging has taught me that writers write. It has reminded me that though it is sometimes uncomfortable we have to engage in self promotion. If you don’t work on marketing yourself you will likely labor in the dark and find that your voice is drowned out by the surrounding noise. Advocate for your own self and success but remember to be humble, honest and engage with others. When you give back to the blogosphere the blogosphere will give back to you.

Blogging has taught me that music and quotes can help me find a path in the dark. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments where I am frustrated or that I don’t think that there are problems with blogging.  Blogging has taught me that the write mood changes everything.

It has taught me that sometimes the man/woman behind the keyboard can be exceptionally cruel because sometimes bloggers bully. But there are far more examples of bloggers banding together to raise money/awareness for causes that are worth fighting for.

Blogging is where I sometimes write about visions of paradise. It is where I have learned about The Art of Writing Fiction and have discovered pieces of myself and MLBF notes that I had forgotten about.

The blog is where I learned that there is much joy in reading old posts about the children. Time moves so quickly and so much happens that it becomes easy to forget so much of the stuff they used to say and do. Cruising through old posts reminds me that some of the things I write about are the same. Sometimes I wonder if that means that I haven’t grown but most of the time I am ok with it. It is much harder to see how much we have grown than it is to see that of our children. I won’t ever stop commenting about how writing is a skill.

Really the crap that I know about blogging is easily condensed into a few lines. Be real, be authentic and engage. The real measure of social media influence is based upon whether people will respond to your call to action. I don’t worry about whether people will read, comment or tweet about me. Won’t lie and say that I don’t hope that they will but it doesn’t drive me.

What drives me is the hope that I do a proper job of setting an example.

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