Writing- Taking The Easy Way Out

I really enjoy the prompts from The Red Dress Club but I think that I am not taking advantage of them in the way that I should. The reason being is that I keep taking the easy way out. I keep telling versions of the same story and while I can offer an argument for why that is not a bad thing it doesn’t really fly with me.

It doesn’t fly because I feel hypocritical about it. I tell my children that I don’t care about grades, I care about effort. And I think that I need to put some more effort into these prompts. I think that I need to take advantage of them and reach for the highest rung on the ladder instead of settling for the one that is closest to my head.

I need to push harder and see what I can achieve with just a little more effort. This will sound self serving and arrogant, but I know that I am good at this. I know that I have some talent and ability. Writing comes easily to me.

Some of that is because I really enjoy this. I have so much fun taking these words and building little constructs that tell tales. I come from a long line of story tellers and I like to think that some of their ability was passed down to me.

I spent years listening to my grandfathers tell stories and I haven’t any problem saying that they were/are better than I am at this. But as I tell the children practice helps so that is part of why I blog.

Read through the 1,098,893 posts here and you’ll find a few in which I complain about professional athletes who don’t maximize their talent. I can’t criticize them without doing something about mine. So my promise to me is to try harder.

Time will tell. For now i am going to sleep. Since it is 1 AM or so I may turn on the fercockteh wedding for a few minutes but unless lightning strikes I won’t stay up much longer.

See you in the AM.

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