Triberr, Twitter, LinkedIn & Livefyre


I don’t know about you but Triberr, Twitter, LinkedIn & Livefyre sounds like a tongue twister to me. Been thinking about all of the aforementioned and more….

Been a part of Triberr for several months now, that means more than two and less than a decade. For those who are unfamiliar with it Triberr represents a tremendous resource for bloggers. What it does is provide a simple way for bloggers to increase their reach exponentially. In theory it is a tool that small bloggers can use to try and broadcast their message to a much larger audience than ever before. And while that’s certainly true it is a mistake to try and use it solely as a bigger soapbox and microphone than you could before.

The real strength in Triberr lies in its ability to help you connect and engage with others. Triberr is what led to my connection with Gini and Lisa and the guest post that followed at Spin Sucks. Triberr is what led me to make connections with a ton of other bloggers too. Really, I could and should link to a bunch of others. Really I should link to a lot of other bloggers that come from other places around the blogosphere because it is the people that make it run.  And that is something that I think that we forget sometimes.

What I mean is that we often talk about content being king and the importance of trying to make every post amazing. We talk about how there is a low barrier to entry and how anyone with a computer and an internet connection can set up a blog. We talk about all of the distractions that compete with our very important blogs but sometimes I think that we forget to stress that we need to talk with and not to people. Stop broadcasting and listen for a moment.

My kids and I talk about this. We talk about being conscious and aware of our surroundings. We talk about paying attention to our friends and the importance of giving back. It is important to me that I do something to help them see how much more the world has to offer when we don’t just take. Well, sometimes I think that I forget about that. Sometimes I get so caught up in all of the chaos that I miss the mark. So while I am busy pushing them to do and to give I don’t.

That brings me to Twitter. A friend recently complained that my Twitter stream seems to be filled with nothing but links. I didn’t conduct any sort of analysis so I can’t say that she is wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that she is right because part of being in Triberr means that I help my tribesmen by tweeting their posts just as they do for mine.  The takeaway message from this is not to stop and measure what I am doing. Frankly I don’t have time. I am in the midst of riding out a storm so the last thing I want to do is track every tweet.

But what I can do is try to make a point to engage more. I can make a point of trying to make sure that I am doing a better job of interacting with people on Twitter.

And that my friends brings us to the ever so lovely and engaging LinkedIn. Dear LinkedIn the professional social network that we use to try and improve our lot in life by finding a better job. Something more fulfilling that pays six times what we are currently earning and requires that we work six times less. Lovely little LinkedIn where so many people ask their friends, family and colleagues for a recommendation. Well, I am here to say that think that quite a few of the recommendations are as my political science professor would have said, Balderdash. They are authentic frontier gibberish. The exaggerated tall tales of Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan. In fact I believe that Babe The Blue Ox is more likely to come walking through my yard.

Ok, that is not true of all of the recommendations but quite a few are bunk. I have received more than a few requests from people asking me to scratch their back so that they can scratch mine. That sort of defeats the purpose of it. That devalues the recommendation and makes me question all of them. Maybe it is unfair of me to do so, but I just can’t see a reason not to.

On a related note, I have to fix my profile. It is lacking and I find this to be as troubling as the poor condition in which I find my resume. While I may protest that I am more than words it is still true that most prospective employers will begin engagement with me via that little piece of paper so I suppose that I should work on improving it. Or maybe I should just ask for recommendations from all of my contacts. If I get ten percent of them to give me one I’ll have 20 something reviews that I can use to toot my horn.

Because it is all about engagement and that is why I keep staring at that saucy temptress,  Livefyre. It is the commenting system that is supposed to turn your blog into something far more active and engaging. Use LiveFyre and watching your comments go from just a few to many. At least, that is the concept. Of course those wacky folks at Spin Sucks overwhelm my inbox with updates about who has said what and to whom. I have adjusted my settings from overwhelming amounts of notifications to slightly less frequent and I am still being besieged by emails.

I suppose that if they were all about me I would be less concerned. I suppose that if they were all tied into posts that I have written I would shrug my shoulders and smile. Smile broadly because in some corners of the blogosphere comments are considered to be currency and that would make me quite wealthy. Alas, that is not the case so I suppose that I shall just have to hope to one day be more than I am.

Or better yet I could take this moment to be less insouciant and remind myself that there is a correlation between blogs and icebergs. As you may know, three quarters of an iceberg is located underwater which means that only a tiny bit of the ‘berg is exposed. In the case of blogs it could be said that three quarters of the readers do not comment so it is really important to remember that you may have far more readers than you realize. There are those that are vocal and those that lurk just beneath the surface.

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