AT&T- A Customer Service Failure

Dear AT&T,

It is your old friend Jack writing you from the rugged wilderness known as Los Angeles. For the past ten years you have been the provider of my telephone and Internet service and not a year has gone by without some sort of incident. Not one year has gone without a need for a call in to your technical support to ask for assistance with some issue or other.

I dread these calls because I loathe your support. I hate being forced to call low level customer service people who are forced to use a script to try and determine what sort of issues I have.  I know the script. I know that that they are going to ask me what modem I use and what color lights it shows. I know about rebooting it and a dozen other things you’ll ask me to do. So when I call I provide that information up front and if it is requested I will do it again just in case I might have missed something.

But that has yet to be the case because they don’t deviate from the script…ever. So 25 minutes later we reach the point where they ask to put me on a short hold so that they can confer with an associate. That hold is never short and I find it hard not to become irritated because the moment I am late paying you will slap me with a fee but if I bill you for the time you make me waste you will laugh at it.

Sure, I can call back and fight for compensation and I usually get something. But that compensation comes at a price of more time and energy. It is not an easy process and I believe that to be intentional on your part. You’ll say that it is smart business to protect yourself from those who would scam you out of money. I say that you don’t understand or appreciate how valuable our time is.

The net effect here is that I so very much despise having to call you it makes my hair fall out in large clumps. It makes me want to climb on top of the roof and scream “I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!’ Except you know that there are very few options for us to choose from and you leverage that to your advantage.

Yesterday I was forced to call you and I wasted almost two hours with tech support only to learn that I had to have a technician sent out. Did I mention that you told me that the tech would arrive between 8 AM and 8 PM today. Did I mention that when I said that was outrageous your rep told me that you are having a lot of problems and that you service people on a first come, first served basis.

I called you this morning to find out when the tech would arrive and discovered that my ticket had been closed. No one told me. Apparently there was an outage yesterday that affected my line so you decided that you couldn’t fix my problem until the outage was repaired. Well no one told me about the outage or the cancellation. WTF is wrong with you. Who is running things and may I punch them in the throat twice, once just because and the second for…well just because.

After ninety minutes I managed to arrange for a tech to come out…tomorrow because your inferior and incompetent service can’t get to me sooner. And only after much fighting with a manager was I able to secure a more reasonable window of 8-12 than the outrageous 12 hours you tried to stick me with again.

Well good for you AT&T. You should be proud that I am one of the growing number of people who think that you represent everything that is wrong with customer service.

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