Finding My Voice

Sometimes I like to imagine that I am using my old Smith-Corona typewriter to compose these posts. Even though it has been years since I last used I can still hear the clickety-clack of the keys as I type and the sound of the ding at the end of the line. If you could see my face I suppose that it would have a sort of bemused look upon it. That is because I know that many of you have never used a typewriter and I expect a bunch haven’t seen one either.

Lately I have had more than a few conversations with bloggers and writers about our writing style and how long it takes to truly find our voice. I often point to this  post as being the point at which I found mine. But I  suppose that I should probably include this one too. They really are sort of a package deal.

And though I look back at those early days and cringe at some of the garbage I produced I smile too. I smile because I see the evidence of the man who I once was preparing for the man to come. I see this growing recognition and realization that writing was special and important to me. I see myself beginning to search for the best ways to share my thoughts and express myself.

But I should add that finding our voice isn’t indicative of a mature voice. I think that is something that develops over time and is part of the evolution of a blog. To me that is important because I see evolution as being part of growth and that is something that I want. I want to continue to learn and to grow as a person. It is something that I consistently ask of my children and consequently something that I must demand of myself.

Just for the heck of it I am going to dig through the archives and share some old posts. This is really more of an exercise for me than reading for you. It is an opportunity that I take periodically to look back at what I have written and evaluate it.

That should be a decent amount to start with. This isn’t a scientific process but it will serve for my purposes. I am curious to tear into these and see if I love or hate them. It should be interesting to look at them and try to determine if they show what I expect or if it will be different. Ultimately I see this as a process that should help strengthen my writing now and there are many benefits that are associated with that.

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