The House That Jack Built

You could call this remnants of a life well lived or something close to that. You could write a story about a family that lived there and the million memories that are tied into it. You could tell a thousand tales about two kids and a dog and their adventures.

The only constant in life is change and all that we have is our attitude. I could rant about the idiots who broke the system and the idiots that tried to fix it. I could rant about politicians who are out of touch and unwilling or incapable of understanding how severe a situation has developed.

I could talk about compassion and how more people need it or how the mighty are humbled and many of you would nod your heads. I am not interested in political affiliation or any sort of partisan politics. I want solutions. I want to see affordable education and better healthcare. I want to hear about job creation and hope instead of empty rhetoric and silly slogans.

Look at that picture and listen to the ghosts of the past rattle their chains and hear the echoes of the future whisper soft promises of things to come. Some of the boys tell me that it is going to get much worse before it gets better and that I better how hold on before the ride gets rough.

Hard to say who is right and who isn’t.

But in the end we choose how we wish to confront the challenges that are presented before us be they public or private, business or personal. For now that is all I have to say regarding that, instead I would rather see you read one of these recent posts:

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