Please Don’t Steal My Content

an unwitting victim...bwahahhahahaa

One of the pitfalls of blogging is that sometimes people steal your content. They cut, paste, point and click their way from your blog to some other place online and pass off your work as their own. It is not right. It is not cool and there is no excuse for it.

Earlier today I discovered that someone has taken an entire post of mine and reproduced it on their blog. Since they provided a link back to my blog I’ll grant them the benefit of the doubt and say that it wasn’t malicious in nature. But that doesn’t make it right. I am not interested in hearing about how I might benefit by traffic that they could send me or any excuse that is remotely close to that.

If you want to reproduce my work you need to make prior arrangements with me. I get paid to write and I take my work seriously. You are not granted license to take my work without compensating me or working out some other arrangement. If you don’t do that than you are STEALING my work.

Please don’t steal my work. It is easy to reach me. This blog offers access to me in a half dozen different ways. Don’t STEAL my work. Do the right thing and take it down immediately.

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