A Conversation With Stephen King

Dear Stephen,

It is almost a week since I wrote you that last letter and I haven’t heard back from you yet. You are killing me man, making me look like I haven’t gotten any social media juice. No pull, no mojo. How will I ever show my face again to my fans, all three of them.

Really, I came up with this great headline to use as a follow up and now it is just that much weaker than it was.  But the beauty of being a writer is that I can create the conversation that we might have had. Right? I am glad that you, the Stephen of my imagination agree with me because it might be kind of awkward if you didn’t. People might wonder if the old melon was going soft and who could blame them. I suppose that it is possible, but I can assure you that it is still encased in cement. Hit me in the head and it will feel like you punched a pile of bricks.

Sometimes I think that I made a mistake by not taking advantage of that hard head. Maybe I should have become a boxer. The guys who do it well make ridiculous amounts of money and though I am not materialistic, I like money. Really, why shouldn’t I. It can’t buy you peace of mind or happiness but it can make it easier for you to chase some of those things. Big money would make it easier for me to work on writing the great American novel.


So here we are, staring at my blog. This is my cyber sandbox. It is where I practice my writing and try to apply some of the lessons that I have learned from life experience, your book and my time working as a writer. I don’t know about you, but I almost never delete my drafts. I like to hold onto them and see if I can’t retool the post so that it works or alternatively incorporate pieces of those posts into something else. Want to see an example? Ok, here is a piece of a post that I haven’t been able to make work for me..yet.

Mom says that my preschool teachers used to tell her that I had quite an imagination. “Mrs. Jack, your son is a natural born storyteller. We can’t believe the stories he comes up with.” I’ll speak on behalf of mom and say that forty years later nothing has changed. I still have an active imagination. I dream in technicolor. I don’t have to go to the theater to see a movie nor do I need to turn on my television. My head is filled with Pulitzer Prize winning tales that could be translated to the big screen and turned into Oscar winners.

Really, it is true. It doesn’t matter to me whether it has happened yet because the story of my life hasn’t been written yet…just parts of it.


That is an important distinction that people miss.  Max, the star of  I want to start over didn’t understand or maybe he didn’t believe it. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter.

Technically that comes from a post called What Inspires You but I wasn’t inspired while writing it so I let it go for a bit. It is rare that I feel like am suffering from any sort of writer’s block. I can’t remember a time where I was completely blocked, that just doesn’t happen. But I do hit spells where I can’t stomach the content I produce and lately that has been my particular affliction.

Most of the time I just put my head down and keep banging on the keyboard because sooner or later I’ll come out the other side. That’s because in my mind’s eye I see myself using a machete to blaze a trail through a jungle or engaged in hand to hand combat. Ask the Shmata Queen if she has ever seen me lose a fight that mattered and she’ll tell you no. It doesn’t happen. There is only one entrance into the castle. It is a single door that only has room for one person to enter at a time. Give me a sword and none shall pass.


Well Stephen, if you can give me a little more time I’ll tell you about how I struggle to find the proper balance of self promotion (become a fan of TheJackB) and some of my plans for the future. I have been wrestling with code for a bit. Internet Explorer hates this blog- would love to fix that but I can’t seem to make that happen. It is frustrating. I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to be good. Have to rectify that.

I am on the verge of something big. I feel it. There are changes coming and it is making me a little crazy waiting for them to happen. I keep trying to use the force but it is not happening and Yoda won’t take my calls. So I am trying to focus on a couple of areas. The kids think that I know the answers to everything. They still think I am superman. That won’t last forever, but I am going to enjoy it while it does.

Would love to write more but they are home from school and it is lunch time. So I think that I’ll go sit and spend a few minutes with them. Hope you come visit again. Leave me a comment sometime, my readers will love it.

Talk to you soon,


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