How Frequently Should You Update Your Blog?


There is a section in Stephen King’s book  On Writing about how writers need to kill their darlings. The gist of it is that editing and rewriting provide an opportunity to tighten up our work.

It is an idea that has value and merit not to mention real life applications to writers/bloggers like you and I. It is also something that I tend to ignore the same way that I ignore people who say there are limits on how frequently you should update your blog.

Those people are often the same people who provide you with a long list of rules for blogging and call themselves Social Media Gurus and experts. Excuse me if that sounded like I was sneering at them. On second thought, don’t excuse me. I don’t cotton to those who call themselves gurus.

Maybe it is because I think that it is among the 12 most irritating words in social media or maybe it is because some guy in a parking lot told me that I am a white man in dire need of a blow job. In case you are wondering I told him that it is never cool to try and insult someone with old movie lines- you almost never can be as cool as the actor who said it in the movie.

The reason it was cool in the movie is because movies are scripted and all the actors follow the script. The only thing more offensive would be for someone to steal your line and try to use it on you. Note to self, videotape encounter with the time traveler.

Does Cursing Belong In Blogging

Now that I have shared the advice of guy in the parking lot I probably should send you over to see what Marcus had to say about whether cursing belongs in blogging.  My own two cents:

When I curse in the post there is a rhyme and reason for it. It is done because it is supposed to add flavor to the soup, but like any spice it should be used sparingly.

My actual comment was longer but since my dear friend Stephen is the published author of many books and I am not I’ll use his advice and slaughter my little darlings. Oops, I think that comment negated my attempt to slaughter my little darlings. No worries, let’s move on,

It would be dishonest of me to claim that I never think about how often I post because I do. The pace I keep up ensures that many readers are unable to keep up with me. Sometimes I wonder if I shoot myself in the foot by doing that. But inevitably I come back to blogging at whatever pace matches my passion.

Writing is the fuel that feeds the fire in my belly. I just love this stuff. A day without writing is unusual. Even if I don’t put pen to paper I am usually composing and constructing stories in my head.

What Happens to Content That Isn’t Commented Upon

Somewhere in the rubble is a post in which I referred to posts without comments as “orphans.” It is sort of a sad thought- a post without comments. If words had feelings you would wonder if they would be hurt by those people who had nothing to say about them.

Sometimes I run those old posts again. If it is a strong post that merits seeing the light of day I will probably recycle it in one way or another.

Occasionally I will link to them in one of my other blogs and see if I can drive traffic to them that way. You might be surprised at how effective that can be. While there may be some overlap between the two of them there are many readers who aren’t aware of the other so it makes sense to give them a push.

It is not a perfect way to try and get more visitors for your blog but it helps. Incidentally, there is one rule of blogging etiquette that I will pass along. No one is obligated to post your trackbacks or publicly acknowledge that you linked to their post. It is ok to let someone know that you linked to them, but it is not cool to try and shame them into acknowledging you.

An Old Favorite

Someone has spent copious amounts of time reading an old post I wrote called Give Me An Example of A Rant. It is rather opportune because the person who set me off visited here today. So for old times sake let me share an excerpt from that:

If you pulled that hot poker out of your oversized ass and dropped the remote control from that fat cheeto covered paw of yours you might actually have a chance of making a point.

But that is about as likely as your ignoring the siren song of stale store bought donuts you left on the kitchen counter you pathetic maggot.

I guess when you father crapped you out he managed to rid himself of some genetic waste.

Go rub some salt up your ass and suck on a rock. And for what it is worth it is considered bad form to rely on Google for insults you silly bastard.

As they say, eat shit and live. And to all my other fans, go fuck yourselves with the nearest kitchen utensil you can find. You are in dire need of a serious orgasm.

Hugs and kisses from someone who doesn’t understand satire.


It is almost time for me to stop writing so that I can return to working on the design here. I don’t like the home page and am considering building some kind of landing page instead. Do you have any thoughts in the matter?

Ok, kid it is time to go but before we do let me share the song that has been playing the last three minutes:

Don’t know you, but sometimes I miss The Sopranos. Every time I hear the opening to this song I see Tony driving out of the Lincoln Tunnel and onto the New Jersey turnpike.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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