Do You Play By The Rules


Time to play by the rules?


Must be pushing midnight perhaps a few minutes before or maybe a few just after- I am not really sure. Frankly I am sort of confused by it all because tonight marks the end of daylight’s savings time so we turn the clocks back an hour.

Except we don’t do that until somewhere around 2 AM or so by which time I hope to have begun the OccupyMyBed Movement. Excuse me for a moment while I sing along with Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) which is kind of a fun tune.

I guarantee that at least three people are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the video is about. Stop it! Just Stop. And I guarantee that some of the Bloggers Moral Code Committee are irked that I have broken the rules again by using such a salacious song in my blog. So let me circle back and say that you have several choices here:

  1. Point, click, close and surf to another blog.
  2. Go get laid or obtain some sort of device which will provide you with the release you so dearly need.

It is your choice and frankly I think that number two is the better option. Not only might it help remove the gigantic object that has been shoved up your derriere it will also ensure that you generate some more pageviews here and that is not such a bad thing. I sort of appreciate having you trolls roaming the halls and would like to know how much you charge to haunt a house.

In case you are slow, new or confused I don’t play by the rules unless I have to. Yes, I am a blogging anarchist who is using previously published material to produce content for Nanowrimo. The goal is to take the content that I am blogging about here and weave it together to create killer content. So even though we are not supposed to use previously published content I am doing so because it makes sense to recycle and repurpose it. We get bonus points for being environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately that won’t fix the fact that someone has taken Fragments of Fiction and used that for a URL for their blog. I shouldn’t be upset by this. I have had six years or so to grab it but I never did. Instead I just used Fragments of Fiction as a label and blog name.

Anyhoo, let’s circle back again and talk about the topic- Do you play by the rules? The real answer for me is…sometimes. Sometimes I do but I have been known to make adjustments to suit my particular needs. It is a topic that I have thought about more than once primarily because as a father it is part of an important discussion.

I want my children to question authority and to question the rules but not everywhere and every time. The challenge is trying to help them understand when and where is appropriate thus spaketh Jack, the grumpy dad blogger.

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