What I Should Be Writing?

What I should be writing about here is my participation in Movember and why I am asking people to help support it. What I should be writing about is why you should pick up a copy of CommentLuv Premium and Headway. Both are very useful tools for bloggers and I wouldn’t mind making a couple of bucks from my role in the affiliate programs.

But something is unsettled for me and I am not sure what. Something feels off and so I have taken a step back to try and suss it out. Spent time on the treadmill, followed up with weights but I am not quite right so I have moved here. Here, my blog, my cyber refuge. This home is where I use a combination of words and music to try and suss out what troubles me and why.

Cue musical interlude:

Don’t know about you but the 15 minutes I took to write this and listen to pieces of music just cleared my head. It is a good thing for the devil that I am not stuck in hell now because I am fully awake and ready to roll. Some might say that he should fear those who are angry but that is not the case with me. Oh sure, I bring the rage- you could call me Bruce Banner if you wanted to.

But the insouciant version is far more trouble and a lot more fun. Must admit that it is good the kids aren’t home ‘cuz I would love to spend a few minutes wrestling with those little buggers. A good hug from them is good for healing and curing all sorts of ailments.

Anyhoo, dad is signing off for a bit. Will be back with a vengeance soon. And I will answer your comments then. My apologies for being slow about it.

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  1. Elena Patrice November 7, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    Must be in the weather, the water, the time of year or month 😉 or something else, but my emotions have been awry today and thank you for taking a wrecking ball to them with this music. I need to reach for a razor blade on the first three, you lost me on the next two, and I get the last two. Do you like roller coasters? I bet you do. I do too! I’m off for a run, I hope I get lost for a bit … maybe, maybe not. I’ll be better for I’m sure.

    Always interesting stopping here … it’s like a moth to the flame thing for me … hmm ….

    Here’s to better moods because of music!


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