Why I Use The CommentLuv Plugin And You Should Too

I try not to bombard my readers with too many sales pitches and or reviews of products but every now and then I find one that I think is worth mentioning. CommentLuv premium is one of those.

I like it because it is a very useful and effective tool for building engagement and community on my blog.  I like it because it also has a tool that assists in spam control. I like it because I am part of the affiliate program and I make a couple of bucks when you buy it.

I like it because it provides another way to help build traffic to my blog. I like it because it comes with special bonus downloads that are useful for many different things. I like it because on CyberMonday the price is still discounted from what it is going to be. Go buy a copy now before the rates go up.

Or if you are unsure go watch this video and then Go buy a copy now.

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