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I am in the process of working on my usual year end summary of what posts were the most popular. Based upon a cursory glance at my stats these are the top ten posts for the second half of the year. I am going to dig a bit deeper to see if this is truly accurate but for now I’ll nod my head and say that it looks like a decent snapshot.

When I look at the content what I see is that the topics in this posts seem to reflect what I like to write about. It is a mix of topics including the standard dad blogger fare as well as bits and pieces of blogging, writing  and general silliness.

The “experts” suggest that a smart blogger polls their readers so that they can supply content that their readers like but I don’t work like that. I build my community around me and write about what moves me. The philosophy is that it helps me stay passionate about my posts and that improves the quality of the content.

This 2 minute analysis seems to support that hypothesis and I am grateful for that. FWIW, although I like some of those posts very much the list below doesn’t necessarily contain links to the posts that I think were the best, I am not surprised by this. Blogging is a funny thing and sometimes the posts that you think are just so so are the ones the do the best.

  1. The Cure For Insomnia
  2. Why Steve Jobs Isn’t Important Now
  3. Some Things I’ll Teach My Children (Updated)
  4. The Best Cover Letter….Ever
  5. Dealing With Divorce
  6. Why Your Post Sucks and Everyone Hates Your Blog
  7. Your Blog Bores Me
  8. He Didn’t Die
  9. Teach Your Children To Be Responsible With Money
  10. An Open Letter To Triberr Members
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Stay tuned. New posts coming soon.

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  1. Janet Callaway December 13, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Jack, aloha. Thanks so much for the idea in this post. The end of the year will be almost a yer in blogging so I look forward to doing a similar review. It should be interesting.

    Returned home last night after being away taking care of my mom so look forward to catching up on your recent posts. Until alter, aloha. Janet

    • Jack December 13, 2011 at 6:09 pm

      Hi Janet,

      I hope that your mother is feeling better. I always enjoy the year end summary/round up.

      There is something gratifying about it. It is fun to see how far we have come.

  2. Bruce Sallan December 13, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Didn’t you forget, “The Ten Reasons I love Bruce Sallan?” I thought THAT was your most popular blog, Jack?

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