Sometimes Music is Necessary

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  1. Music is always necessary. It helps us to release from stress. Thanks for sharing such a nice videos. I enjoyed listening it.

  2. Am sorry but the list is not complete 😐

    You deliberately skipped my school band covering “Sugar Puppies and Unicorns” by “Sugar Puppies and Unicorns” a great 1916 gay-boules-hetero-trans-hermafrdita band.

    Some say they are ancestors of Keisha.

  3. Your passion for music is one of the first things I noticed about you and one of the many things about you that I can relate to.

    Sometimes I just have to end a sentence with a preposition.

    • If music didn’t exist I would have to invent it. Feel free to end your sentences with prepositions, clauses or questions.

      It is all fine and dandy here.

  4. Whew, you have Elvis…gotta ALWAYS have Elvis! Though not one of my favorites!

  5. Def leppard. My heros.

  6. Nice break, Jack. Thx.

    • Hi Janet. I can’t get enough of music. If I am writing I can almost guarantee that I am listening to something.

      How about you? Do you have a favorite band/song/musician/

  7. Great choices! Really lifted my spirits.

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