Are You a Cyberstalker Or Just Socially Inept

Many years ago a reader sent me an email stating that if I didn’t take down a post they would call Child Protective Services to try to have my children removed. They left similar comments on my blog.

Other readers have written in or left comments threatening me and my family because they disagreed with my politics, were angered because I support circumcision and or because they don’t like my religious background.

The most egregious comments and or emails are always filed as are their IP addresses. I don’t expect trouble but I figure that it can’t hurt to take precautions. The Net is filled with all different kinds of people. I expect that most are harmless and even those that cross a line or two usually fit into the category of troll.

 There Are Boundaries In Blogging

There are boundaries in blogging that people need to recognize and accept. I don’t tell you all of my stories or share other pieces of information with you for personal reasons. You don’t need to know the reason why but I ask that you respect it.

Except the thing is that not everyone does that. Some people believe that they have a right to know everything and they go digging for information. They spend copious amounts of time logging and tracking who did what where and engage in keyword searches that make me a bit uncomfortable.

Maybe they just love my writing. Maybe they think it is fascinating. I don’t know.  I like to think that this is all that it is but something feels off to me. Something rubs me the wrong way and I don’t ignore those feelings. I have learned to pay attention to that “spidey sense.”

Fences make for good neighbors both online and off.

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