Bloggers Are People Who Don’t Like To Work

It is another sunny afternoon in Los Angeles and I am out with the boys again.  We’re all playing hooky from work…sort of. Truth is that at the moment we either work remotely and or own our own businesses so it is not hooky in the sense that we are punching time cards.

There is no plant or quarry for us to return to. No cubicle filled office with micro managing supervisors sending us emails because we showed up five minutes late…again. Ok, I am the only one who ever had that happen. It is a number of years ago but we still laugh about it.

These emails would show up in my inbox and chastise me for being five minutes late to work. They never included the times that I would work through lunch or stayed late to finish projects. Nope, they would just be these little notes in which they would calculate the minutes and tell me how much I cost the company.  Of course they were so busy suing former partners it made sense that they would pick on tiny details that had no relevance to actual production or revenue generated.

It is funny how fast time passes because what was once yesterday is now years ago and in many ways feels like it happened during a different life. And in many ways it was.

Once Upon a Time

We’re sitting around a table talking about nothing important and laughing about college memories. We’re closer to 50 than we are to twenty and I make a crack about how we used to sing “hope I die before I get old.” Don’t know how it started or when, but there were more than a few moments back then when we would start singing Baba O’Riley or some other song by The Who.

Of course there were others and since none of us were singers we always took advantage of the support of the other guys singing with us. Don’t know why it is, but you can take a group of 10 men and ask them to sing and if they do it together they can make it sound ok.

Someone brings up OccupyLA and we are all in agreement that we think it is a waste of time. Doesn’t matter if we agree with any of the things they say they are fighting for none of us can see how that situation would have led to the kind of change they hoped for.

It reminds us of the LA Riots and how many of the looters waved to the camera as they stole things from burning stores. Can’t tell you how many of those people found themselves in serious trouble not just because of the legal issues but because they threw away old furniture and then when the stolen goods were recovered ended up with nothing.

Soldiers of the (Mechanize) Artillery, 40. Inf...

Soldiers of the (Mechanize) Artillery, 40. Infantry Division (California Army National Guard) patrol the streets of Los Angeles, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a crazy time and we all agree that we have been very lucky. We have had our share of hard times and trouble, but over all life has been good to us. Still, we all work hard and there is not a one of us who takes what we have for granted because we have seen how fast things turn around…in both directions.

One of the guys asks me if I am still blogging and I nod my head. They don’t ask too many questions about the blog and that is ok with me. I think they are more interested in finding out if I am still doing it.

And then I hear a male voice behind me say something about bloggers being people who don’t like to work, are narcissistic and a host of other disparaging remarks.  I don’t react or respond to him because I don’t care. He is not the first person to say it nor will he be the last.

But I see no point in engaging with him. What am I going to do ask him how he can afford to be out in the middle of the day doing nothing. It is a stupid remark to make in this town especially because we live in a city where the coffee shops and restaurants are filled at odd hours every day. Some of it is because of the entertainment industry and some of it is just because.

Sunset at Huntington Beach, California.

Sunset at Huntington Beach, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I look at the fellas and I ask them where they think we’ll be in five years. Various answers are thrown out but I am not willing to make definitive predictions. Life is very different from what I had thought it would be five years ago and I am confident that five years from now it will probably be different than I expect.

They push for a real answer and all I am willing to say is that my plan is to be doing the things that bring me joy and make me feel fulfilled.  That is part of why I blog, because writing brings me joy and words make me smile.

Got to run play dad again, but before I do here are a few pieces of music to share with you.

Jogi– Panjabi MC (Thank you Jason)

The Power Of Bhangra- Snap! vs Motivo

Kashmir– Led Zeppelin

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