The Story of My Life Told Via Music

The story of my life as told via music- A five minute writing exercise. I guarantee this will be incomplete and that there are many songs that I will leave out, but… Bear in mind that due to time constraints I may not have linked to my favorite version of a particular song.

Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture Part 2– From about 3:40 to the end- that is me. There are no words, but it just works. The full versionwould work too.  Go hear this live. It is amazing.

The Lord of the Rings SymphonyFull length- Love, love, love this.

Last of the Mohicans – Promontory– So many images in my head.

The Planets – Mars, the Bringer of War- Gustav Holst – Energy

Cats In The Cradle– Harry Chapin

And So It Goes– Bill Joel

Mess Around– Ray Charles

Night Time Is The Right Time– Ray Charles

It Should Have Been Me– Ray Charles

Where The Streets Have No Name– U2

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For– U2

All I Want Is You / Where The Streets Have No Name– U2

May It Be– Enya

I Am The Walrus– The Beatles

In My Life– The Beatles and Johnny Cash

I Won’t Back Down– Johnny Cash/Tom Petty (both versions work for me- same goes for song above.)

Time is up. So much more should have been included here, but this is a decent start.

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  1. Great post! I love that Harry Chapin song, as well as Ray and Billy Joel. Great selections.

  2. WOW! The Lord of the Rings Symphony is 50min in length. That’s almost an hour. I’m a fan of LOTR. The Lord of the Rings Return of the Ring PC game is one of my favorites and of course the trilogy.

  3. Guess I’m from *That* Generation. “Stairway to Heaven” Led Zeppelin, I would call that my all time favorite. But… I can have fun and / or enjoy listening to LMFAO.

  4. Jack, I still don’t see any share buttons………..

  5. Interesting list; you could probably sum mine up w/ Red Rider’s Lunatic Fringe…..:).

  6. wow you came up with all of these in 5 minutes? i’ve been sitting her 5+ minutes now and can’t think of 1 darn song. loved this.

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