The Social Media Echo Chamber Isn’t Really Important

This is really just a preview for a coming post in which we’ll talk about the myth of the social media echo chamber.

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  1. Sort of like telling someone not to breathe when you tell them not to express themselves. I was a silent child. It was all in my head unexpressed. A lot of people are like that. It’s funny that the same message or story can be told by millions, but I will only connect with a few, so those few had better be talking!
    Thanks, Jack!

    • I bet that it got expressed in all sorts of different ways, or so I would guess. It might not have been verbalized but…

  2. Juggling bowling balls and chainsaws and fire: sounds like my kinda’ fun!

    I love your words and your wisdom, my friend:) You always inspire me to “just write, dammit!” Love ya, woof woof:) To passion and personality. Cheers! Kaarina

    • How is my favorite Olympian? Ok, I have to be honest you are the only one that I know, but a favorite is a favorite. 😉

      Here is to passion and personality!

  3. Who was giving you support in the background; Fido?

    I have’t thought of it like that but your comparison to Time & Newsweek makes sense. Some people will praise and some will disappear. I used to wonder why and used to think it was because I didn’t have an elevated enough status, which might or might not come into play; but ultimately you can’t be all things to all people. That’s just the way it is….

    I will be looking for your post………

    • Hi Bill,

      No sarcasm or silliness here. People respond to different things. I am sure you see it in your office. Some people like the person that approaches them with a soft sell and others need someone to come tell them what to do.

      It is not always substance that dictates how people respond.

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