7 Songs On A Monday Afternoon

There are bills to be paid, questions to be answered and plans to be made but I am not doing any of those things. That is because my gut aches and the hair on the back of my neck is raised and I am not quite sure why.

Maybe it is nothing more than something I ate or maybe it is a premonition. Maybe it is something different altogether, but whatever it may or may not be it doesn’t really matter because I am taking a moment.

Said moment is designed to try to capture, contain and correct whatever it is. I feel like I can see something or someone out of the corner of my eye. It irks me. It is like trying to catch smoke with my hand, I can’t quite wrap my hand around it. I can’t quite grasp it.

For some reason I feel a bit like I am in that scene in Ghostbusters where they are advised not to cross the streams. So I am taking a moment to share 7 songs with you. They are the first seven songs from my Google Music library. I should add that I have shuffled the deck so I don’t know what I will get. Can’t say if it will be representative of anything or significant.

Here they are. Take it however you will:

  1. Home To Emily (Theme To The Bob Newhart Show)
  2. Generations- Immediate Music
  3. No Limit– 2 Unlimited
  4. Your Song– Elton John
  5. What Would I Do Without You -Ray Charles
  6. Crystal Ship– Duran Duran (frankly I would have grabbed The Doors version, but this is what came up. Weird.
  7. I’m So Bad– Oingo Boingo

And just because I am curious to see what will come up here are some more from the shuffle.

  1. Goodnight My Love– Benny Goodman
  2. A Foggy Day– Frank Sinatra
  3. Poker Face– Lady Gaga
  4. I Melt With You– Modern English
  5. Hallelujah I Love Her So– Ray Charles
  6. Intro (Dream Sequence)– Alice Chains
  7. Bushfire– B52s
  8. Soul Deep– The Box Tops
  9. Artibeus– Batman Begins soundtrack
  10. I Will Survive– Gloria Gaynor

And there you have one of the oddest collections I have seen.

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  1. Julie May 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    Seeing things out of the corner of your eye and your hair standing on end generally means one of two things. You might want to get in touch… Have you been meditating or deep breathing lately?

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