7 Songs On A Monday Afternoon

There are bills to be paid, questions to be answered and plans to be made but I am not doing any of those things. That is because my gut aches and the hair on the back of my neck is raised and I am not quite sure why.

Maybe it is nothing more than something I ate or maybe it is a premonition. Maybe it is something different altogether, but whatever it may or may not be it doesn’t really matter because I am taking a moment.

Said moment is designed to try to capture, contain and correct whatever it is. I feel like I can see something or someone out of the corner of my eye. It irks me. It is like trying to catch smoke with my hand, I can’t quite wrap my hand around it. I can’t quite grasp it.

For some reason I feel a bit like I am in that scene in Ghostbusters where they are advised not to cross the streams. So I am taking a moment to share 7 songs with you. They are the first seven songs from my Google Music library. I should add that I have shuffled the deck so I don’t know what I will get. Can’t say if it will be representative of anything or significant.

Here they are. Take it however you will:

  1. Home To Emily (Theme To The Bob Newhart Show)
  2. Generations- Immediate Music
  3. No Limit– 2 Unlimited
  4. Your Song– Elton John
  5. What Would I Do Without You -Ray Charles
  6. Crystal Ship– Duran Duran (frankly I would have grabbed The Doors version, but this is what came up. Weird.
  7. I’m So Bad– Oingo Boingo

And just because I am curious to see what will come up here are some more from the shuffle.

  1. Goodnight My Love– Benny Goodman
  2. A Foggy Day– Frank Sinatra
  3. Poker Face– Lady Gaga
  4. I Melt With You– Modern English
  5. Hallelujah I Love Her So– Ray Charles
  6. Intro (Dream Sequence)– Alice Chains
  7. Bushfire– B52s
  8. Soul Deep– The Box Tops
  9. Artibeus– Batman Begins soundtrack
  10. I Will Survive– Gloria Gaynor

And there you have one of the oddest collections I have seen.

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