Do We Really Need Another Email Newsletter?

When I began playing around with the idea of starting my own email newsletter I made a point to start generating a list of questions about the who, how, what and why that I wanted to answer before I began

  • Do we really need another newsletter?
  • Is there a point to pushing out another email that people probably won’t read?
  • What do you hope to accomplish and why are you doing this?
  • What service should I use and why?

The answers to these questions were simple for me. I had limited experience running an email newsletter so I decided that building and operating one would add to my professional skill set. Because this is a personal blog I saw additional benefits. I could do more testing and experimenting without some of the same concerns I might have if there were for Jack’s Special Business Services.

Those few reasons above were why I didn’t focus on whether people needed/wanted another newsletter. We could answer that question by saying that if your newsletter provides value than people will want to read it. Not to mention that I decided that it would be useful to have a newsletter to communicate with people about the books I plan on publishing.

Since I made the decision to create the newsletter it became a question of what service to use. I explored a few and then made a decision to start with AWeber.

There were a couple of things that pushed me over the edge. I watched several videos like the one below (disclosure my affiliate link is tied into it and the link above.) and I read this 5 page report about using AWeber for email marketing.

Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications

What Happened Next

What happened next is simple. I signed up for the 30 day free trial and made plans to start building my list so that I could test out different options.

I didn’t want people to feel like a commodity that could be traded so I took a very laid back approach to building and to some extent I think things have been far slower in growing than they otherwise would have been. I am a big believer in the value of organic growth but also impatient.

One of the things that I could do to increase the rate of growth is to offer AWeber as the sole tool for subscribing to the blog. If all of my subscribers moved over it would create a dramatic increase in the subscriber base. But I decided that since there is a fee for using the service I wanted to be certain that I was getting something out of it before I made the move.

Instead I opted to use it as a newsletter and to see how that worked out for me.  It required waiting a little bit longer to send out my first blast but I am very pleased with how it worked out. There as an open rate that exceeded 90% which if you know anything about the industry is exceptionally high.

I also received quite a bit of positive feedback about it. All told it felt like a giant success. If you are interested in seeing what that first one looked like you can find it here.

Next Steps

I am going to take some time to read through the responses and think about what makes sense. Unless my plans get derailed I intend for this test to go on for a period of at least 90 days. At the end we’ll take a hard look again and try to figure out if what we are doing makes sense.

In the interim I need to also find time to bear down and publish some of the eBooks I am working on. I think the best part of it all is that I am having a hell of a lot of fun doing this.

As always if you have any thoughts/ideas/comments please feel free to share them in the comments and or email me. Thank you again for being a part of our community.

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