The Summertime Blues

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  1. TheJackB says

    @Mark_Harai Me too.

  2. Be glad you’re not a woman!
    I sat in the pouring rain on the jetty at the beach for an hour and an 1/2, regrouping as I threw just-collected sand glass into the ocean. What a nightmare life can be!! But when I got up, completely drained, I looked down to see another piece of sand glass waiting to be collected, and a boat headed straight towards me (it turned, but it was cool symbolism) as the sun poked through the darkness.
    Life is good. I love change. But I don’t like upheaval and uncertainty.
    And then I opened yesterday’s mail and gave up. Not in a bad way. Maybe gave in is a better way to put it.
    I’m grateful to have woken up this morning and to enjoy the quality of life that I do.
    My kids still run to me with a screech and a hug when I come home. And that makes all the difference!! 

    •  @CrossBetsy 
      I like being a man and am perfectly happy to let women be women. I don’t need all those shoes. 😉
      Upheaval and uncertainty can be very challenging. It is hard to plan and prepare for things when the world feels so topsy turvy. I love the boat and the sand glass- to me those are perfect reminders that things can turn the right direction.

  3. Good one, J – I am in a similar spot (except not for an exciting reason).  I had to fight tooth and nail to get my 7 yo squared away in public school with his dysgraphia “accomodated” this year.  Now I’m fairly sure he will start 3rd grade at his current place and that we won’t have our house in this district by say Sept/Oct.  Not a fun place to be.  But you know what?  Let’s take it one day at a time and see how it unfolds.  Today was the last day of school, and with supreme effort on his part, he is FINALLY writing at grade level – that’s one whole grade up in just a few months. I’ve been waiting 3 years for that to happen.  We’re having one helluva party to celebrate.

    •  @Julie | A Clear Sign Oy, that does sound like it could be quite challenging, but it  sounds like there is much to celebrate too. That is great that you were able to figure out how to get him to grade level.
      One day at a time is often the only way we can really do things. Intuition or not there is only so much you can do to manage your life and to help your children do the same.

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