Her Name Was Lola

Her name was Lola and she was a showgirl. We met at a club she worked at and dated for a while. Everyone wants to know more about how we became a couple.

The best way to answer those questions is to start not in the beginning but in the middle.

It Doesn’t Hurt So Good

She me caught me with her teeth and I screamed. It was dark so I can’t tell you what our faces looked like but I imagine that 50 shades of white or red might be accurate.

That is not the sort of thing a man is supposed to admit but then again he probably isn’t supposed to talk about the act in general.

Instead of an apology I received an accusation that I was taking too long to finish. Call me what you will but I’ll match my pain against a sore jaw any day of the week.

Scratch that. I’ll even admit that for a moment I wished a bad case of TMJ on her.

Some things are meant to be handled with care…always. I may like to walk on the wild side but I am not a masochist either.

It wasn’t the best relationship and it wasn’t her fault.

Ok, that isn’t entirely true. I can’t play the noble guy very well so I might as well share more of the story with you.

Her Name Was Lola

Her name was Lola and she was a showgirl, except I didn’t meet her in some fancy club where the men wear tuxedos and the women wear evening gowns. We didn’t make eye contact across a crowded room and decide that it was love at first sight.

It would be more accurate to describe it as lust at first lap dance.

I didn’t want to do it but it was Jimmy’s bachelor party and I didn’t want to be the guy who screwed the party up…again. I had spent too many years fighting to leave my past where it belonged.

Tony paid for the first dance and Max for the second. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know, after all it was Jimmy’s party.  She gave me the third, fourth and fifth ones for free.

Never figured out why they were free, but I wondered if it was her idea.

Come Home With Me

It was Max who noticed how much time she spent with me. He said she really liked me, but I wondered if I was being set up. It wouldn’t have been the first time Max or the others had messed with me. I was tired of being an easy mark, but I desperately wanted to be cool.

She was a dancer and had the best body of any woman I had ever been with. It was like a dream except I was awake, so I just went for it. I asked and she said yes.

Max and the others were jealous, but if they knew everything they might not be.


 This was going to be part of Yeah Write but I decided not to submit it.  Couldn’t really decide what to do with it so I just put it up and here it is.

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  1. Sandi Amorim July 25, 2012 at 6:01 am

    Love Lola, and did a whole series on ‘Lola’ energy last year on my blog! The confidence it takes to strut your stuff like that? I’d like some of that please 😉

    • TheJackB July 25, 2012 at 11:19 pm

       @Sandi Amorim There is a lot to be said for that kind of confidence. When you can get up and just move without fear or concern- that is power you can use for almost anything.

  2. Vidya Sury July 25, 2012 at 5:21 am

    I loved that Barry Manilow version of Copacabana.

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