What Happens If You Don’t Post Every Day?

Field of Sunflowers

Someone asked me what would happen if they didn’t post every day and I told them the sun would stop shining and the moon would hide behind the clouds.

But no one told me the sun was going to try to make me look like a jerk and a liar. Fuck you  Mr. Sun and your silly rays of light.

Ok, that might have been uncalled for but I am feeling extra ornery and  I am ready to battle. Yep, the Taurus horns on  my head are lowered and I am pawing the ground.

It happens. Or maybe I should clarify and say that real life happens. I have been ridiculously busy and have been working extra hard to find time to write and to respond to comments.

That frustrates me for multiple reasons:

  1. I love writing and when I don’t get to dance with my muse it makes me sad and lonely.
  2. It is rude not to respond to comments and it doesn’t encourage people to continue leaving them.
  3. Perhaps this should be 2a, but it also makes it less likely they will come back and respond to your response. That is a shame.

Why Is It A Shame?

The reason it is a shame is it makes it harder to build a community and a community is what make a blog into something special.

One of the reasons why I have agonized a bit over switching back to Livefyre. I think Danny makes a great case for doing so and I can’t say I won’t do it again sometime. I pay attention to what goes on and I enjoy reading posts about how to build community.

I love the community that has formed around my blogs and appreciate it more than you know. That is because I have developed real friendships, learned and grown because of the community.

And part of what makes it so very interesting and important to me is because it is composed of people I probably wouldn’t have ever met. Blogging has shrunk the world.

It is where Midwesterners speak with British expats about old school blogging and where we talk about what it takes to be successful in business.

Some of you might read posts about how to get readers and miss seeing how what is contained within can be applied to lots of other parts of our lives.

I Want To Be A Raconteur

I like stories and one of my goals is to become a raconteur. I want to tell a story that is captivating and compelling. I want to be so good you turn off your phone and forget to check your email.

The goal is to share useful information used usefully. Part of how that is done is by working hard to build that aforementioned community and to give them license to run wild. Let your readers know they are valued and encourage them to share their thoughts.When you do it well it is magical.

My grandfathers were both master storytellers which I suppose is a big part of why I am interested in reaching the same heights they did.

What Happens When You Don’t Post Every Day

If you are me and you don’t post every day two things happen:

  1. People sigh with relief and thank you for not overwhelming them with content.
  2. People email you and ask what is wrong and why you aren’t updating three times a day.

If you have more grace than I do you thank them for you their concern, say “aw shucks” and move along. Or if you are me you tell them you they should make up their mind and they should telling you to slow down because they can’t keep up because once you don’t they still complain.

And for those of us who want a serious answer here is what I have to say.

I encourage people to develop the habit of blogging even when you don’t have something to say. That is because your internal editor will always tell you that your work might not be good enough. There will always be time constraints and excuses not to blog.

Don’t give in to that and teach yourself how to be disciplined.

When you need help reach out to your community and ask. Ask them for feedback, advice and or suggestions. People will help you and you might be surprised with what comes from it.

Never let anyone tell you there is one way to do this or that you are doing it wrong.

Most of all, have fun.

Your turn. What are we missing?

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