There Is A Rhythm To Writing

Movember is coming and I am going to participate in it again. The idea behind it is to grow a moustache to help raise awareness for mens’ health issues like prostate and testicular cancer.

I know, it is a beard and not a ‘stache in the photo above. What can I say, I am a wild man who makes his own rules and looks ridiculous with a ‘stache.

There Is a Rhythm to Writing

There is a rhythm to writing but it is not one that I have to search for often. It is a combination of talent, ability and hours of practice.  When the words are flowing fast and furious from my fingertips there is a feeling of fulfillment.

It is the knowledge that this is what I am supposed to be doing. These words you read, the stories I tell and the experiences we share are all a part of it.

It is what is supposed to happen.

The moments when I am happiest are often tied into this. It feels a lot like the high I get from exercising. My adrenaline flows and I know that I am feeding my heart, soothing my soul and singing a song that others can feel.

You Can Force It

Some people suggest you shouldn’t force yourself to write. They say if you are not feeling it to walk away and ignore it. They are wrong. They are crippling you. They are hurting you because they are teaching you to stop finding ways to work through the hard spots.

I suppose if you aren’t a professional writer it doesn’t have the same impact, but it still bothers me. It bothers me because it is like you telling your boss you can’t work because you aren’t feeling it.

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in sick, vacation or personal days because I do. I also believe that sometimes writing is a grind and you need to suck it up and do it.

When my children say they don’t feel like doing their homework I smile and give encourage them to keep going.

This isn’t a problem. It is a challenge and you overcome challenges by taking them on and not by running away.

Find Your Rhythm

You need to find your rhythm and your happy place. If you look at the picture above you can see I don’t have a dancer’s body. I am built like a big block.

My inclination is to go through, tear apart, dismantle and or destroy. That is not always the smart way, but it is my way and it works for me.

Still, I have made a point to learn other methods of making it happen and so should you.

We’re still talking about rhythm. We’re still talking about finding a way to make the words flow from finger to keyboard to screen.

It is a dance and you have to learn to lead.

Pictures, Music, Mood

Pictures are worth a thousand words. If you are among the 17 long time readers you know it took a long time for me to begin to become consistent about including pictures in my posts.

I changed my approach because I noticed that when I included a visual element in my posts readers hung out longer. I also noticed that sometimes they helped inspire me and or motivate me.

Music has always been a part of the post structure. Sometimes the songs are designed to try and set a mood for you and sometimes it is just setting the tempo and tone for me to write by.

I might have trouble finding rhythm with my feet but it is not a problem for my fingers and it shouldn’t be for you either.

All you need to do is take the time to do a little dance and find your own rhythm.

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