The Search For The Write Words

There is a war that rages inside me between my head and my heart.  It is part of the beauty of being me and part of what comes when you are born with an unquenchable fire.

My children have it too, but they show it in different ways.

I watch them when they are sleeping and remember what it was like to lay my head down upon a pillow without a care in the world. I stare at them and see untapped potential and endless amounts of innocence.

While they sleep I stand at the door and wonder what they are going to do with their lives and who they are going to become. There is endless amounts of joy in watching them grow and untold amounts of stress and struggle in trying to help them get to where they are going.

The Write Words

Maybe it is because I am just starting to understand who I am meant to be and just beginning to see the outline of how to get there. Maybe it is because ten thousand posts, more than five blogs and almost nine years of blogging has led me over the hills and through the woods to a place that offers answers to the questions I have yet to ask.

The write words are what I seek. Every single time I sit down at this table and ease my butt into this chair I look for the write words and wonder what it is going to take to pull them out and share them here.

It is part of why I try to include music and pictures in these posts. The goal is to paint a picture with words and to share with you what I see inside my head.

When I find the write words you see what I see and feel what I feel. The write words are what motivate you to respond to my call to action and they are what we use to create connections.

Social Media Madness

I think about all of these things because I have to fight the social media madness. Even after a million years there are days when I get caught on the hamster wheel and ask myself if I have done a proper job of posting, promoting and commenting.

Am I out there tweeting, pinning and Facebooking the right way, at the right times and with the right people.

Intermixed there is a feeling of disdain and a disconcerting sense that sometimes I give in to the social media madness and try to be other than I am. It doesn’t happen often but the moments come when my ego gets involved and I think that if I just worked a bit harder my posts would be smarter, my words would be wiser and the net result would mean  would be richer.

But for better or for worse I shake off that feeling of nonsense and look for the topics and posts that make me happy. I write first for me and then for you.

Stories and  Such

Some of my favorite moments come from visiting things like Pray for Him or What is a Person Worth. There is a certain joy I take in writing about certain topics.

Every time I see List Posts Are For Lazy Bloggers I smile. I don’t care if you like it because I love it. That is a post where I feel like I hit square on the head.

I Wrote This For You is another post where I feel like I got it write. Sometimes it happens. If you dance in the fire you find the rhythm you seek,

Life doesn’t have to make sense. All we have to do is take care of our families, friends and those who are dear to us. That is what the blog remind me of.

When I read it I remember dark haired girl who talked to me about not wanting to break a boy’s heart and 273 Blogging Tips I Never Shared & Still Won’t.

There are layers upon layers of material and magic here. It is up to you to decide if The Pinterest Predicament & The Rule Of Four is worth more than a few moments or if this is The Best Cover Letter….Ever.

As for me, well I am still asking questions like Is It Intuition Or Desire? and working on finding the write words.

One day I may give it all up. I might walk away and not say a word or I might just say goodnight and goodbye.

Dude Write
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