How To Use Blogging To Have More Sex

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This post is written from the male perspective primarily because I wanted it to be based upon reason, logic and order, but mostly because I am a man.

I’ll let you decide if it merits comments, criticism, concern or censure.

How to Use Blogging To Have More Sex

If you are married or living with with a partner one of the most effective ways to use blogging to have more sex is to limit or eliminate blogging at night or during any period of time during which your wife/partner is awake and potentially interested in dancing the horizontal mambo with you.

Really, instead of preparing a 987 word treatise on how brands can use social media to effectively manage a communications crisis you can manage your own conflict in the bedroom, bathroom, couch, kitchen or living room.

If you happen to have spouse or partner who reads your blog you could write them a love letter or prepare some hot and steamy post in which you prep them for doing the dance.

Just think about how much your readers will benefit from reading about how you want to blogger them all night long while they massage your wordpress and make sweet love with your plugins.

Use Your Blog To Prove You Pay Attention To Their Needs

You might consider using your blog to prove you pay attention to their needs. Write about how you want to give her a place to lean in and that you think women deserve equal pay for housework and cooking.

This is an especially effective tactic to use with mommy bloggers, especially those who claim that parenting is exhausting.  Your partner/spouse will appreciate you even more when you use your blog as a platform to call their bluff.

There is no better way to bring joy into their life and to get lucky than to use your blog as a place to let them know you know they spend their days screwing around and that they should spend their nights doing it too.

Blogging Should Be Fun

What you just read was about ten minutes worth of writing that popped up because my Triberr feed was filled with some of the most god awful material.

It was awful because the writing was dull. It was awful because the writing was safe. It was awful because the writers weren’t willing to take any risks.

Blogging should be fun and so should writing.

Some of my favorite posts are those that come from a place where I touched fear. Some of the best comes from when I was willing to go somewhere that didn’t feel safe because it was raw, naked emotion.

My Goal Doesn’t Have To Be Yours

My ultimate goal is to become a better writer and to achieve a dream of  getting paid to write whatever I feel like writing about. My goal doesn’t have to be yours nor does my style.

I don’t know how many people will read all the way to the end here. I can guarantee that some won’t because the headline won’t catch their eye, because they are bored or because they are offended.

I am ok with that.

Hell, let’s stay with the theme and talk about sex for a moment. If you have enough sex with someone eventually you need to mix it up. You may love missionary but sometimes you need for them to be on top or bent over the couch.

Sometimes you need to mix it up or go on vacation and do it somewhere different.

You need to have a partner who trusts you enough to be willing to work with you to make you happy.

Writing is no different.


If your blog is only focused on business and you aren’t the boss/owner you might want to extra careful how risque you get with your blogging. You might want to be careful because you don’t want to scare away good prospects.

But you also want to be careful not to bore them to death either.

Passion and personality go a long way to helping you build a relationship with your readers. Some will love you and others will just like you and sadly some will hate you.

But don’t worry about the ones who hate you because clearly they haven’t figured out how to use their blogs to get lucky and their lack of sexual outlet has perverted their judgment. 😉

What about you?

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  1. Andy April 10, 2013 at 10:17 am

    I remember you talking about linkbait titles a few posts ago – I think you just turned it up to 11.

  2. Stan Faryna April 10, 2013 at 1:34 am

    There are a rare few professional blogs that I read and as much respect as I have for their professional or industry insight – I don’t read every blog post they publish. Because I don’t need to. Because being human, I’m interested in other things. Because I seek questions and answers that go beyond and deeper than the how tos and what nots of online, design, social, advertising and marketing strategy. Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t mix it up. Or more.

    I also know that I mix it up too much in some ways and not nearly enough in other ways. And its a pity that I don’t have three or more different blogs to manage my content. When I have a crew handling my social again, I’ll consider doing it differently. Until then, it is what it is.

    I imagine you feel the same, Jack.

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