Spit Or Swallow Always Means You Have Time To Blog


I am not interested in hearing that you don’t have time to blog. Life is about priorities and determining how to spend your time.

Ask me why my abs don’t look like they did when I was 19 and I’ll tell you it is because of my diet. I could tell you it is because I have too many responsibilities and I simply don’t have time to eat right, but that is not true.

Most of the weight and responsibility falls on my personal choices not to adjust my eating to fit certain changes that have taken place. I own it, just as I own what happens here.

One of the reasons you haven’t seen as many comments from other bloggers is because I haven’t spent as much time commenting on other blogs. When you don’t make the rounds that is part of the impact.

It is part of why it is important to build community.


I have shifted my time. I have increased the amount of time I am spending working out and I am doing my best to go to bed earlier.


Because if you want to be a great writer you have to read a lot, write a lot and take care of your body and brain. Sure there is the whole mystique thing of living large and hard and producing amazing content, but I can’t do that for very long without paying a severe price.

So I shifted and adjusted things.

I took initiative to remove the excuses…mostly.

Useful Information Used Usefully

Useful Information Used Usefully is the headline to an older post I wrote in about 15 minutes and so is the The Secret To Better Sex Is…

Why I am including those two posts here?

In large part it is because they are worth sharing again. There are readers who haven’t seen them and might enjoy the content. It is also because I have myself seven minutes to write this post.

When the bell goes off I will hit publish, put on my shoes and go to work.

I will leave feeling good about this post and confident that it is chock full of useful information. I’ll leave knowing that I didn’t let the desire to be perfect prevent me from publishing.

Perfection Is Paralyzing

Vince Lombardi was right about the need to chase perfection. We should always do so and strive to come as close to the mark as possible but don’t let the pursuit prevent progress.

There is always a better way to say or write things. I could come up with a better headline. I could come up with a better picture. I could do more to optimize this for SEO and that would be great.

But it would prevent me from hitting the other mark I have set and my priority is to publish.

My goal is to become a better writer and sometimes that involves practicing how to publish in less time.

You can do all of these things too. It is a matter of choice, desire and practice.

What do you think?

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