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Change is all around us. This post was going to be about what happens when bloggers bully. It was going to refer to some recent incidents that set off some subsets of the blogosphere.

I was going to write about the hysteria and lack of common sense. I was going to share how much traffic I generated from using a headline about “Spitting and Swallowing” that had nothing to do with sex but something sent me in a different direction.

Don’t know what it was, but I heard something that made me think of An Uncertain Certainty and decided a different direction was important. When changes occur you have to roll with them, do your best to adapt and adjust and move.

That reminded me again about the post I was going to write and how I wanted to talk about the blog as a bully pulpit and how often it is meaningless but decided that at 1:45 AM it makes no sense to write about such narishkeit.

So here I am sharing a post I wrote a few years back about dreams and the pride I feel because I have already managed to do some of the things on that list and am actively working on others.

And now my friends I wonder if you are dreaming your life away or living your dreams.

See you in the comments.

What I Dream About

My mother tells me that my preschool teachers used to tell her that they were certain that I would grow up to be a writer. They said that I had a very active imagination. They were right, I did and still do have a very active imagination.

I dream in bright colors and crystal clear images. I see movies play in my mind and wonder why I can’t turn them into reality. I am not Walter Mitty, although I suppose that we share some traits. I am a dreamer but I am not someone who intentionally misleads other into believing that I am someone other than who I am.

I dream about writing books and becoming a published author. I dream about becoming a columnist and writing screenplays. I dream about becoming a doctor, a scientist and a teacher. I dream about playing left field for the Dodgers and power forward for the Lakers.

I dream about building a castle and manning the walls. I dream about traveling around the world and quiet moments at home. I dream about places and things that make me smile. I dream about MLBF and having a home library. A place with built in shelves and big overstuffed chairs.

I dream about owning a private jet and island getaways. I dream about living out the stories and promises and whispers of the night. I dream about that kiss and the moments in time. I dream about walking those roads in Jerusalem again.

I dream about doing the Ironman and the incredible amount of work it will take to get there. I dream about carving and reshaping my body so that it once again looks as I remember it.

I dream about many years from now when my children are grown and wonder if the visions I see will resemble reality. I dream of long walks on the beach and quiet drives up the coast.

I dream about writing songs and playing music. And sometimes I dream about being granted the talent and ability to perform them.

I have many dreams, far more than I have shared here. There are endless details that I could list but haven’t. Some of these dreams will become reality and others will remain unfilled. The ultimate goal is to see that I don’t look back in regret. I don’t want to have a life that ends in I could have but didn’t.

I want a life that is more than that. It is not to much too ask for. I may dream big, but I am willing to do things to make them into something more.

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  1. Michelle Longo April 28, 2013 at 4:17 am

    Dreaming is a double edged sword for me. Some days they inspire me to action so I can work toward making them a reality. Other days they mock me for not being who I want to be. Not sure yet what today is, it’s still too early and I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

  2. Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom April 27, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    I’ve always been a dreamer and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Here’s to the pursuit of our dreams!

  3. zoe April 27, 2013 at 4:10 am

    Ive just recently started to feel better after a long illness and realized I have been cycling through a nasty pattern of illness, fall behind in life and everthing , feel some better, try to dig out of the fall back before going back to treatment…its turned into a survival thing…I realized yesterday that I need to get a few solid dreams back in and not let them get derailed by the inevitable cycle. Then this morning (after the sanity of that moment had worn off) I read this…I think it will keep me going much better than the original intent of the entry….thanks for going with the flow…it paid off here!

  4. Daniel Nest April 27, 2013 at 1:34 am

    So true. When we’re kids we all dream big. Once we get older we look back only to find out most of those dreams remained just that. Here’s to making things happen and working for your dreams!

  5. Betsy Cross April 27, 2013 at 12:36 am

    I’m glad that I’m out of the loop as far as “some recent incidents that set off some subsets of the blogosphere.” Ugly human behavior is such a distraction to our focus on living our dreams and being free to create.
    Good thoughts this morning.

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