Do You Blog Without Shame?

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Someone asked me if I wonder or worry about the numbers. They want to know if I am worried about how many readers I have, how many followers, likes, circles etc.

The honest answer is sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like I am driving an empty bus up, down and around town and I wonder about what I am doing and if I should do it differently.

I know how to build a community and write headlines that attract attention. I know how to make this place shake, rattle and roll.  It usually happens when I blog without shame.

Write From The Heart

Sometimes it feels to me like my blogging rhythm follows Babe, I am Gonna Leave You. If you are not familiar with it go look it up on iTunes and download as much Led Zeppelin as you can handle.

What are you waiting for? Begone!

Go get the goddamn music and then come back.

There is a rise and fall that comes with my writing and my desire to visit other blogs.

Some of that is because my time is limited and some because I just don’t care as much as I did about trying to drum up business around here.

It doesn’t hold the same interest because my focus is on writing. It is on figuring how to make the words weep off of the page so that your heart breaks and or finding a way to make your soul sing.

That is why I keep tapping into the pain of the past and the present. It is why I try to remember what it felt like to be broken and shattered. It is why I try to set the demons free and let the anger flow.

Write from the heart.

Sometimes It is Scary

Sometimes it is scary to try to tear down the walls that I spent time erecting. Sometimes I wonder if I am sharing information I shouldn’t. Sometimes I wonder if the unfiltered version (which is really not very different from the filtered) is creating issues.

Flip through the posts here and you’ll find all sorts of stuff. There are posts where I talk about the tears that don’t fall and posts where I talk about the things my children say. Some of those kid posts are pretty good.

You haven’t lived until you have explained where babies come from and had your  daughter ask how far the penis goes in. I punted on that one and said “ask your mom.”

One day I’ll remind my son about how that baby talk went with him and how he told people I ‘peed on mom.”  In my family leaving out details sometimes leads to conclusions that aren’t always correct. Apparently I failed to talk about semen with him.

Boy, this post ought to be great for my SEO efforts.

Tear through this joint and you’ll find other stuff where I am just exposed in ways I would never do in person. So I ask myself what happens when I blog without shame.

What About Promotion?

Sometimes blogging without shame is where I ask you to become a fan of my Facebook page or to sign up for my newsletter.

Sometimes I think about spending a couple of bucks on Facebook ads to help that along because I hear stories about how much easier it is to find an agent. Sometimes I think about self publishing and how it would still benefit me to build a bigger platform.

Access to more people means a better chance of hitting that home run, of finding that special formula for magical moments and success. Because you never know about exposure, one person might be the man/woman who can make your dreams come true

And then you look at these posts and think, you wrote about beating up a man with processed meat and about fighting a clown. You blogged about a talking penis and what it was like to watch your uncle die from AIDS.

You wrote about how to become a better writer and shared a million other stories about your kids.

Who the hell are you and why would anyone take the time to care.

I am just the guy who blogs without shame…mostly.

Who are you?

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”― Robert Frost

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