The Greatest Dad Blogger Of Them All Part Deux


The joy is in the journey but we don’t always recognize those moments as they occur. We want to, we hope to but we are often too busy with life to slow down and notice what is happening.

Too busy raising our kids, working, relating in our relationships and trying to find time to keep that piece of who we were or think we want to be.

Sometimes I think that SEO is killing writers. Sometimes I think our need to wonder and worry about how to promote our words in a way that ensures they aren’t given short shrift is wreaking havoc on our creativity.

One of my non-patented secrets for writing is that I am 298.5 pounds of child. That curly haired boy with the green eyes and olive skin called Jack never grew up completely. He got a little bit bigger and his hair got a bit less curly but he didn’t disappear. He just became a father and learned how to  tune out the child inside. The Greatest Dad Blogger

Almost Ten Thousand Posts

There are almost ten thousand posts here and that is part of why I sometimes quote myself. I want new readers to be exposed to old posts and I want to tap into those old posts to see if my thoughts/ideas/feelings have changed.

I teach the children to think critically and ask themselves why they believe what they do. I teach them to not be afraid to change their minds and to be willing to say they have changed their mind because upon reflection it made sense to do so.

People aren’t logical and we frequently make decisions based upon emotion and without real thought. I am not exempt from that and I don’t like admitting I was wrong, but if I am going to be a good dad it is just part of the process.

That is because learning never stops for the kids or for me.

And that is all tied into why I like reading What I Meant To Say and A Letter To The Universe.

Silly Yet Effective Blogging Tricks

I am quite serious about What Happens When No One Reads Your Best Work? It is something I think about because posts like And The Rocket’s Red Glare are far more important to me than The 25 Most Annoying Bloggers & Why You Can’t Sleep With Them.

But if I had posted them at the same time there would be no doubt in my mind which one would generate more traffic and shares.

If you asked me to tell you which posts were my best I am not certain which ones I would point you to. I might ask you to provide more details about what you are looking for. Are you interested in my fiction, tales about my family/parenting or business advice.

It would help if you gave me more details but if you didn’t I am not sure which ones I would refer you to because these posts are similar to my children. I love them equally even though they are the same yet different.

Look at my About Jack page and you’ll see a wide variety of posts.

Been thinking about these things again because some potential writing gigs popped up and I was asked to show off my portfolio which leads me into guest post drama.

Guest Post Challenges

I have written quite a few guest posts, used to do them on a regular basis because I figured it was a great way to build relationships and meet new people.

Except two challenges crept up from doing these:

  1. I bill hourly for business and am very conscious of how much time I put in and I discovered the return wasn’t what I wanted it to be.
  2. Some of the blogs I wrote for shut down and the link juice was lost and since I didn’t know they were closing up shop it left me with some broken links. Not the biggest problem, but…

Anyhoo, I don’t have anything close to the time I used to have so it became more important to me to focus upon writing for my blogs. Dad’s Most Important Job is taking care of my children and part of doing that is figuring out how to allocate my time more effectively.

It is tied into why I like linkz like this one, like Just Writing because it is fun to just let go and to see where the words take me.

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