Music Moves The Morning


The mix of pleasure and pain, profound and insightful drives me forward. You might not hear, see or feel what I do here.

Fact is I don’t expect you to catch the whiff of memory in the songs or be able to follow me as I race off into the dark after them, knowing that I can never quite catch them.

But I run after them because there in the ether are smoky trails that lead me into memories of such joy and show glimpses of what is lying around the bend.

Visions of a time when the current doesn’t tear us apart but instead pulls us together. It is a brief moment in time, a blip on a screen and a chance to take care of things that have to be done alone and apart not because of cruelty but reality.

Because the reality says these steps have to be taken care of before you can round first base and make your way to second. It is nothing but one more step in building the foundation that has to be created so that the building can not just stand, but withstand all that will come at it.

And that is ok because there are memories in the moments that sustain us because the remind us of what was, what is and what will be provided we hold fast.

The Voice- The Moody Blues

Tuesday Afternoon

Where The Streets Have No Name- U2

I love L.A. – Randy Newman

Come Live With Me – Ray Charles

Nashville – No one will ever love you

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  1. free March 2, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    In my opinion when anyone tries to do a cover of great songs like these they are never as good, the moody blues were just way too good, finding your own sound and doing your own songs is key

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