What Happens When Your Dog Has A Panty Fetish- Five Minutes Of Writing

Dog Shades

Got five minutes before I have to pick up my son from soccer practice so I thought I would write a quick post that includes a link to My Dog Has A Panty Fetish.

Going to play ball tonight with the twenty-somethings and some older gents. Can’t wait to run but tomorrow I may regret it or at least I might want to pound down some Ibuprofen.

This getting older thing isn’t as easy sometimes as I would like nor is it always as much fun.

Most of the time it is pretty good but there are days like today where the only way to describe it is as awful, horrible, terrible and just plain bad.

Call it a shit happens kind of day but fortunately it will pass like everything else and it will get better. Of course it might feel a bit like a Kidney Stone in the process.

Never had one of those but I understand they are rough, much rougher than giving birth.

Really, that is true. Ask any mother if childbirth was easy and they’ll give you a long story about how hard it was. It is a conspiracy among women to try and make men feel badly.

Well, we don’t and we don’t leave the toilet seat down–look before you sit.

Five Minutes Is Up

Time is up, this moment of silly and sublime has come to an end. See you in the comments.

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