The Blogging Jedi Trick That Might Work

Told my best friend a while back that if I ever win big money I want to buy a castle, but I am not sure I want one that doesn’t make me think it is a cross between Hogwarts and some cool Errol Flynn flick.

Castle Tioram

Something about a castle just attracts me, maybe it is the idea that I can tell traveling salesmen I am not interesting in buying their wares by dumping burning oil or throwing rocks down upon their head.

What Happens When A Writer Falls In Love With Their Own Words?

Some people will tell you it is bad when a writer falls in love with their own words because it screws up the editing process. They’ll say they lose perspective and that it makes it impossible for them to properly edit their work and that consequently it becomes weaker.

There is some truth to that but there is a benefit to being attached to you words too because often times it helps prove that you put something into them and it demonstrates passion.

Passion is one of the spices in the stew that makes up great writing so there is much to be said for it.

When you write as much as I do it is not uncommon to find lots of writing that you hate and a bunch that you don’t. It is not uncommon to find fragments that you love or at least like a lot and when you do you sometimes realize that even though they might not work within the piece they are posted in there might be a better place for them.

And that my friends is what leads to our Jedi blogging trick today.

I stumbled across some pieces that deserve more attention and I am going to use the blogging force tonight to try to make something happen with them.

Here They Are:

Dreams Require Action

There is magic in the night and I look at these children of mine and tell them that dreams can come true but there is a price to be paid. Dreams require action. They require work and a willingness to take risks. This is not the first time that they have heard these things from me. I tell them that one of my dreams is for them to live their dreams and not dream their lives.

I want them to understand that you cannot rely upon luck or fate to make your way in this world. You can’t hope your way to living that life you dream of. You have to put some effort into making it happen. You have to be willing to work and to do so with your eyes open so that you recognize opportunity when it comes.
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And Then The World Shifted

You are the song of my heart. Even now so long after we parted I still hear your melody being played in places too deep to ignore. I can still feel your touch and taste your lips. Your scent is not forgotten nor have I forgotten the grace with which you move.
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A Question of Dignity

I know happiness and I know heartbreak. Failure has kissed my lips and wrapped its arms around me- but victory hasn’t ever been a stranger to me either. I have a closet full of trophies and more than memories of triumph. I have loved and lost and lived. Take a walk through the stacks here and you’ll find examples of these things. You’ll see the stories that make you laugh and stories that make you feel other things.

Read the archives and you’ll find more than one discussion about the boundaries of blogging. I think about these things for many reasons. I worry about invisible people and wonder about whether we live in a bubble. Really I spend quite a bit of time looking for teaching moments. I do it because two kids and a dog call me dad. I do it because being a parent is a little bit like being on one of those crazy Japanese game shows.
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The End Of a Marriage

I’ll say this much for divorce, it makes for great blog fodder. There is something wrong about that, isn’t there. Shouldn’t there be some rule that says that being this connected is wrong. Isn’t there some rule or law of silence about this. I am not really supposed to be able to communicate such intimate thoughts.

The pain of a broken heart isn’t really something that you should be privy too, or maybe you should be. Maybe that is the point of all this. I act as the exhibitionist and you act as the voyeur. I pull aside the shades so that you can look inside the window and see just what is that I am doing.

And that is how you get the great image of “6’2 of stupid that is shtupping my wife, sleeping in my bed and enjoying the house that was the fruits of my labor.”

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The key to using The Force isn’t complicated or hard to understand. It is tied into a willingness to take a chance and to believe in yourself.

More to come in a separate post.

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